Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Verdict

An Ohio jury has awarded $22.6 million in damages to a woman whose baby suffered permanent brain injuries after it became stuck in her birth canal for over 13 hours. Jurors found that a doctor and practice group were negligent in the medical care that led to the baby’s injuries. Approximately $16 million of the award has been allocated to future medical bills and future loss of ability to perform the usual functions.

Birth trauma cases like this are some of the most difficult cases that Maryland medical malpractice attorneys pursue. They are extremely complicated cases, usually involving multiple expert witnesses, such as obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatric neurologists, placental pathologists, life care planners and economists. This means that they are extremely time-consuming and expensive to pursue. Nevertheless, these cases are extremely important to pursue, so that compensation can be obtained for the parents and child, in order to provide the child with best medical and other care that the child can have, so as to maximize the child’s abilities and comfort. Nothing is more important.

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