Dr. Mark Midei’s license has been revoked

Dr. Mark Midei’s medical license was revoked today by the Maryland Board of Physicians. A copy of the Final Decision and Order can be found here. As set forth in decision, the Board found that Dr. Midei engaged in “unprofessional conduct” and “blatant falsehood.” It found that he is guilty of “failing to deal honestly with patients and colleagues,” that he created “willfully false reports,” and that he unnecessary implanted people with cardiac stents. The Board stated that it found Dr. Midei’s testimony “not credible.” The Board also indicated that Dr. Midei had economic motivation for his misconduct.

In the 11 page decision, other phrases that were used to describe Dr. Midei included the following: “implanted cardiac stents unnecessary”; “falsified the extent of blockage of the patients’ coronary arteries by reporting that it was 80% when it was in reality lower – and in most cases much lower”; in three of the patients, he also falsely reported that they suffered from unstable angina when in fact they did not”; “violated the standard of quality care”; “falsely reported”; “intentional, non-accidental and non-inadvertent false reports that exaggerated the degree of coronary stenosis”; willfully false reports”; “overutilized health care”; “implanted stents unnecessarily, documented clinical indications inaccurately, exaggerated the extent of stenosis and failed to consider more optimal therapies”; “blatant falsehood”; “willfully false nature of some of Dr. Midei’s reports”; “Dr. Midei’s violations were repeated and serious”; “unnecessary stents exposed patients to the risk of harm”; “Dr. Midei’s willful creation of false percentage numbers for the degree of occlusion of coronary arteries is indefensible and amounts to a deliberate and willful fabrication of medical records”; “false findings used to justify unnecessary stent insertions”; “Dr. Midei acted in bad faith.”

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