Dr. Nikita Levy – A Race To The Courthouse

A number of news organizations are reporting today that lawyers in Baltimore are racing to the courthouse to file lawsuits against Dr. Nikita Levy and Johns Hopkins Hospital. When I heard that, I sadly chuckled. The only thing that these lawyers know now is what the media is reporting. There is no other information available from Dr. Levy’s family, Johns Hopkins, the Baltimore County Police who executed the search warrant, the Baltimore City Police who are leading the investigation or the FBI which is assisting the Baltimore City Police with the forensic evaluation of the electronic evidence.

My firm and I are taking a different approach than rushing to the courthouse; we believe that it is better to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation rather than run the courthouse simply to be the first to file a civil lawsuit. Accordingly, I issued a pre-lawsuit deposition notice and subpoena to Johns Hopkins today seeking to determine what it knows and where documents and other evidence are located. A copy of the Deposition Notice can be found here. While I believe that ultimately a lawsuit is likely in these cases, such a lawsuit should be based upon a through analysis of the facts and not media reports.

Today, we also joined with a leading Maryland victims service organization, The Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, Inc., to advocate for victims of this travesty. A copy of the letter can be found here.

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