Failure To Fix Colonoscopy Perforation – Medical Malpractice

A jury has awarded $1 million to a New Mexico man who alleged a surgeon committed medical malpractice in repairing a colon perforation after a colonoscopy. The patient suffered a tiny bowel perforation during a colonoscopy. The surgeon then operated in order to repair the hole, but the surgeon did not see any hole and therefore failed to repair it. Because the surgeon didn’t see the perforation, he assumed it had sealed itself, but the surgeon failed to use procedures he could have used – such a dye test – to locate the perforation. As a result, the man’s bowels continue to leak feces into his man’s abdomen for eleven days causing massive infection. The infection resulted in severe scarring in his abdomen, which has required thirteen operations.

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In a case like this, it is important to know that causing a perforation during a colonoscopy usually is not negligence. But failing to timely recognize the perforation and quickly fix it can cause catastrophic injuries due to infection and post-recovery complications, just like in this case.

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