Improper Injection Medical Malpractice

A New York jury has awarded $1.7 million in damages to a woman in a medical malpractice case, to compensate her for permanent nerve damage that was caused by an improper injection given to her following the delivery of her baby. The woman was given an intramuscular injection several hours after delivery, while in the recovery room, to try to stop her vomiting. But the nurse improperly administered the injection too low, damaging the woman’s sciatic nerve. The woman now has lower back problems, difficulty sitting and standing for any significant period of time and limitations on her physical activities. The condition is expected to worsen. A copy of an article regarding the case can be found here.

This is an interesting case because of the severe and permanent damage that the improper injection caused. Usually, injections do not cause significant damage but when they do there may be a medical malpractice case if the damages are severe.

There are a number of guidelines on the proper administration of an injection. In this case, the guidelines clearly were not followed.

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