Lost Wages – Medical Malpractice

Many peole ask what type of damages they can get in a medical malpractice / medical negligenc cases. One type is lost wages. Maryland courts have repeatedly acknowledged the legitimacy of lost wage claims in negligence cases. For instance, in Adams v. Benson, 208 Md. 261, 270-271, 117 A.2d 881, 885 (1955), the Court of Appeals recognized: “That in an action for personal injuries caused by the negligence of the defendant, the plaintiff may recover not only for the consequences which have actually and naturally resulted from the tort, but also for those which may certainly or reasonably and probably result therefrom as proximate consequences, but not for consequences which are speculative or conjectural.” The Court then recognized that in a personal injury action, a plaintiff may claim: “damages for (1) resulting loss of time and loss of earnings; (2) loss or diminution of earning capacity sustained by being temporarily deprived of her capacity to perform her ordinary labor, and (3) loss of future earnings, if shown with reasonable certainty and not merely speculative in character”. Id., 208 Md. at 271, 117 A.2d at 885.

Additionally, in Lumber Terminals Inc. v. Nowakowski, 36 Md. App. 82, 89, 373 A.2d 282, 287 (1977), the Court of Special Appeals held that, “In personal injury cases courts generally, and Maryland particularly, consider among other losses lost wages and earnings suffered by the injured person not only from the time of the injury to trial, but those reasonably certain to occur in the future.” That Court recognized, “In short, the measure of damages, broadly stated, is the amount which will compensate the injured person for all losses he has sustained by reason of the injury.” Id., 36 Md. App. at 92, 373 A.2d at 289; see also Monias v. Endal, 330 Md. 274, 623 A.2d 656 (1993) (“In an action for personal injuries, a plaintiff may recover for loss of future earnings which will reasonably and probably result from the tort.”).

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