Negligent Injury to the Bowel

A New York state jury has awarded a $2.4 million verdict to a woman in a medical malpractice case. The woman underwent partial bowel removal surgery that should not have been performed, causing her to spend 2 ½ months in the hospital and have three more procedures to fix the complications. During the next few months, she was admitted to three hospitals and had to undergo two other surgeries to take care of infections and complications from the first procedure. As a result of her condition, she now is unable to control her bowels, lives with severe pain and has terrible scars. The jury’s verdict consisted of $2.2 million for the woman and $200,000 for her husband. A copy of the article regarding the case can be found here.

As an experienced Baltimore, Maryland medical malpractice lawyer, I have handled a number of medical malpractice cases involving the bowels. Some have been negligent bowel injury cases from procedures such as minimally invasive surgery. These injuries frequently cause major complications because the bowel has so much bacteria in it. Other bowel malpractice cases that I have handled have involved the failure to timely diagnose and treat mesenteric ischemia, which is the lack of proper blood supply to the bowel, causing death of the bowel. These are extremely painful and devastating injuries. To see some of the cases I have handled, click here.

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