Propane Vaporizer Negligence

Propane vaporizers are mechanical devices that convert liquid propane (LPG) to propane gas.  Essentially, a propane vaporizer is a boiler that heats the liquid propane to the point where the propane turns to gas.

Propane vaporizers are used in many industrial settings.  For example, a business may need to convert large quantities of liquid propane to propane gas to heat an industrial oven or kiln.

When set up and operated properly, propane vaporizers are safe and effective.  However, if the installation is done incorrectly or if the vaporizer is operated improperly, an explosion and fire can result.

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Settlement – Negligence (Propane Explosion Resulting In Burns)


Case: Anonymous vs. Anonymous (Confidential Settlement)

Settlement Date: November 25, 2019

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