Radiology Mistake Results in $11.6 Million Jury Verdict

A New York jury has awarded $11.6 million to a man who suffered a stroke that left him permanently disabled. The patient presented to the emergency room with dizziness, headaches and an inability to stand. He immediately came under the care of a Physician’s Assistant who ordered a CT scan of the brain. The case presented by the patient’s medical malpractice attorneys was that the CT scan was negligently reported by the radiologist as normal when it in fact showed that a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain was blocked. Because this serious abnormality was not reported to the physicians treating the patient, he was discharged home with the diagnosis of a sinus infection. He was not given blood-thinners which could have prevented a future and more damaging stroke. Weeks later, he suffered a second massive stroke that left him permanently disabled.

The testimony of expert witnesses in the fields of radiology, neurology, rehabilitative medicine and economics was presented to the jury, whose award included past, present and future pain and suffering damages of $8.5 million. The patient lost his successful business as the result of the malpractice.

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