Court Clears The Way Settlement Talks Between Johns Hopkins and Attorneys of Dr. Nikita Levy Patients

Today, lawyers for victims of former Johns Hopkins obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy announced that a class action has been conditionally certified to resolve the victims’ claims. As many will recall, this past February, patients of Dr. Nikita Levy learned through the media that Dr. Levy had admitted to filming patients during examinations. A subsequent search of his home by police revealed “computer servers” that contained photographs and videos of his patients. Within days, before he could be brought to justice, Dr. Levy took his own life.

Shortly after the news reports broke regarding Dr. Levy’s misconduct, patients of Dr. Levy began contacting attorneys to learn about their legal rights. When interviewed, patients also disclosed various sexual boundary violations that Dr. Levy had committed.

A total of approximately 3,800 women eventually retained attorneys. This firm represents more than a hundred of these women.

Today, attorneys for victims of Dr. Levy, including this firm, announced that a judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City has cleared the way for settlement discussions to begin between attorneys for victims of Dr. Levy and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Specifically, the judge certified a Mandatory Conditional Settlement Class consisting of all of Dr. Levy’s patients. The class allows members of a Steering Committee, which this firm is a part of, to begin settlement negotiations with Johns Hopkins in an effort to timely obtain a settlement on behalf of all claimants in a reasonable time.

A copy of the Court’s Order Conditionally Certifying the Class can be found here.

A copy of the Court’s Order Appointing the Steering Committee can be found here

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